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Expecting a tax refund this year? Did you know that if your loan goes into default because you are behind on payments, the holder of your defaulted loan may intercept your state and/or federal income tax refund?

You are delinquent on your student loans—but you still have options to bring your account current and you don't even have to make a payment. Don't risk losing your tax refund—take action on your account today with one of the following:
Reply to this e-mail with "yes" Reply to this e-mail with "yes" (please include your current mailing address to verify your account) and we’ll postpone your payments with a Hardship Forbearance for 12 months from the date of your reply—it’s that easy! You’ll receive a letter or e-mail (choose how you’d like to receive notifications by logging in to your account and selecting My Info and Preferences) confirming the forbearance has been applied.*
Log in to your account at Log in to your account at and click Lower my Payments to apply for a deferment or forbearance, or to request a new repayment plan.
Call us at 855.720.8905 Call us at 855.720.8905, and your personal account advisor will discuss your options to postpone payments without further hurting your credit or requiring you to make a payment.
We look forward to assisting you and making your student loan experience the best it can be.
*By replying "yes," you are agreeing to have a forbearance applied to your student loan account with Nelnet (on behalf of the Department of Education). You are also indicating that you intend to repay your obligation but are having financial difficulty that is preventing you from resolving the matter through other means at this time.
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