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Stafford Loan benefits

  • .25% interest rate reduction for making payments using auto-debit*
  • 24/7 student loan application and account access online at www.nelnetstudentloans.com
  • Toll-free access to helpful Nelnet Advisors: 1.877.804.3603
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Free practice tests for standardized exams, scholarship searches and FAFSA assistance online at www.nelnetstudentloans.com
  • Subsidized Stafford loans for undergraduate students: 5.6% fixed interest rate for loans originated on or after July 1, 2009, but before July 1, 2010
  • All unsubsidized Stafford loans or subsidized Stafford loans for graduate students: 6.8% fixed interest rate for loans originated on or after July 1, 2006

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* Nelnet reserves the right to modify or terminate borrower benefit programs at its discretion and without prior notice. Nelnet loans made on or after May 1, 2008, include a benefit of a 0.25% interest rate reduction for borrowers who choose to have payments automatically deducted from their bank account. However, this borrower benefit is subject to the availability of the benefit programs outlined in the Department of Education's Federal Register notice on July 1, 2008, to make student loans eligible for finance or purchase by the Department. If the Department discontinues its support of this benefit, Nelnet may discontinue the benefit on future loans. A borrower's failure to satisfy benefit eligibility requirements may result in the loss of the benefit.