We believe our products and services are the best in the industry. We simplify processes, whether for schools, lenders or students. The interactivity is inventive and efficient, allowing our clients to access information quickly and easily. For a better understanding of the state-of-the-art features available through Nelnet products, please visit the products section of this site, or access the product demonstration at the right (Nteract).

Nelnet also provides our lender clients with extensive information to assist borrowers in understanding the education loan process. The topics found in the Resources section on the left of this page exemplify the quality of the assistance we can provide.

  Nelnet also invests significant resources in keeping in touch with what is happening in the marketplace. Additional information may be found in the corporate information section of this site.

Nelnet as a secondary market resource

In the evolving world of education loan financing, lenders have come to rely on Nelnet as their primary education loan secondary market resource. Nelnet works one-on-one with lenders to examine options for reducing costs while maximizing returns, including consideration of liquidity options. For some lenders, it may be necessary to originate and then sell the loan as soon as it is fully disbursed. For others, it may be best to hold the loan until the borrower is ready to enter repayment. Nelnet has the flexibility to work with lenders as best suits their needs, whether full service origination assistance, setting up a referral program, or addressing liquidity issues. If you would like more information about the servicing or purchasing of your student loan portfolio, please e-mail us via the “Contact” button at the top of this page. You may also download our Quick Bid Sheet.

Lender Web Reports Now Available

Now available in this lender section of our Web site is Nelnet’s Lender Web Report tool. This Web-based tool enables lenders to access portfolio data, print reports, and download data for further analysis. Contact your Client Business Support Officer to get signed up!