Welcome to Nelnet's FREE electronic e-Update newsletter for schools.


Nelnet has taken the schools' newsletter to electronic format as part of our proactive approach to education finance and as a courtesy to you, our customer.  This streamlined medium and method of delivery enables us to provide you with valuable industry news in a more timely and efficient manner in support of our commitment to simplifying the student loan process for schools and students.


Published on a quarterly basis, this newsletter is designed to serve as a valuable information resource and comprehensive communication tool for you and your staff.  Packed with industry and regional news, Department of Education highlights, Financial Aid facts and figures, and specific Financial Aid Officer highlights, the Nelnet e-Update offers a wide range of up-to-date financial aid information.


In keeping with our customer centric focus, we present the school newsletter in the spirit of our dedication to providing innovative products and services that offer solutions and add value to you, your institution, and the students you serve.