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  – Nelnet Sales Support

Junell Brock, an eleven-year veteran of Eastern Oregon University (La Grande, OR), was recently recognized with the Nelnet Full Circle Award for her commitment to providing exceptional customer service. As the loan processor for the Financial Aid Office, Ms Brock oversees the processing of Stafford, PLUS, and alternative loans, and recognizes the importance of balancing efficiency with exceptional, personalized customer service.

“I treat each student as an individual, not just a name and number. I make a conscious effort to ensure every student receives the proper funding at the proper time,” said Brock.

During her years in the financial aid arena, Ms. Brock has worked in several capacities including supervising student workers, processing outside scholarships, and reconciling both Student Accounts and Accounts Payable. She has also served on the ADA committee, Customer Service committee, and the committee responsible for updating Eastern Oregon’s mission statement. “It’s obvious from Junell’s involvement that her passion for helping people succeed extends far beyond her oversight of the loan programs at Eastern Oregon University,” stated Nelnet Campus Director Sam Collie. “She’s a strong supporter of making educational dreams possible.”

“I’m proud to be recognized for providing outstanding service to the students of Eastern Oregon University," Brock said. “I truly enjoy being able to have a positive effect on their college experience.”

Recognizing that her accomplishments are achieved in tandem with the work of others, Brock was careful to give special consideration to those closest to her. “In addition to my family, I would also like to thank my co-workers Diana Johnson and Carolyn Prescott for their many years of camaraderie, support, and friendship.”

About the Full Circle Award

The Full Circle Award is designed to recognize individuals who demonstrate excellence in service to students in any area of higher education. In addition, these individuals also display outstanding knowledge and accessibility, as well as an exceptional vision and passion for higher education.

To nominate a school officer for the Full Circle Award, co-workers, college offices or Nelnet school representatives can write a one-paragraph nomination letter outlining how the nominee exemplifies the criteria for the award and e-mail it to campussolutions@nelnet.net, or mail it to Nelnet Sales Support, Attn: Communications, 121 South 13th Street, Suite 201, Lincoln, NE 68508.


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